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Parenting Blog

I post here from time to time as issues come up, or in response to parent feedback and questions

Parenting Blog

Why is Marriage in Trouble?

Posted by Dave on June 20, 2010 at 8:55 AM

This may be my one of my shortest blog entries, although I might add to it later. Some ideas are best conveyed with fewer words. The analysis is simple and broad-brush, but still valid.



Why are marriage failures at an all-time high?


1. Parents are too focused on their kids, and aren't putting enough energy into growing their own relationship.


2. The Self-Esteem movement has bred runaway narcissism. Folks are too centered on their own needs and being an "individual" to subjugate themselves to the needs of the relationship. Healthy relationships are about finding common ground - not simply accepting each other's differences.


How to fix this?


1. Return to a marriage-centered relationship - the kids are important, but the marriage is just as important, and a healthy marriage and stable family are the best gifts you can give your kids.


2. Reign in the Self-Esteem movement's well documented excesses and get back to common sense.

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